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Despite the volatility of the global economy, blue-chip art has proven a highly resilient asset class, weathering financial storms and outperforming other investment areas. This lends to art’s appeal in terms of its value longevity as well as its international marketability.

Yet, Art is about much more than tracking the price and investment potential of desirable objects. Art is, above all, an experience. Collecting intelligently is not only a sound financial decision, but an emotionally and intellectually enriching journey. Our equal recognition and respect for Art’s dual function as both passion and asset represents the core principle of our bespoke advisory business.

Integrating the knowledge and expertise of a team of renowned art market specialists, Oblyon’s unique open-source concept combines the highest professional standards with flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and an unmatched range of streamlined services. We aim to provide the best value to our clients, who range from individuals and families to corporate entities, and both new and established collectors.

Oblyon’s guiding values of professionalism, accessibility, effectiveness, transparency, and flexibility empowers our team to prioritize the singular needs of our private and corporate clients, allowing them to focus on enjoying their collecting journey.

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By leveraging an exclusive network of art market professionals, Oblyon offers top-end services spanning from advice on the tax implications of art transactions, investment analysis, risk management, art-secured loans, and valuation and certification of artworks. Our international presence and scope ensures access to the best quality services and direct contact with our team.

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