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Art Investments

Oblyon helps its clients in finding different and creative solutions through a network of private banks and specialist lenders offering loans secured by artworks.

If your art collection is worth a minimum of €1 million, and it consists of artworks typically sold by the world’s major auction houses, we can assist you raising funds or securing your existing collection. Personalized, timely, cost-effective and being pro-active are the traits of our services.


Fine Art

A division of specialist financiers leverage 20-plus years of structured financing and asset-based lending expertise, as well as its growing balance sheet, to offer a unique formula for art financing. Oblyon works closely with clients to tailor financing solutions to suit their specific requirements.

Despite the volatility of the global economic environment, art has remained a resilient and highly valued asset class. Not only has its value weathered the financial storm, it continues to outperform equivalent alternative assets. Indeed, art has appeal both in terms of longevity and international marketability

Art investment is therefore a smart wealth-management strategy, using art as the underlying asset is an excellent way of monetising the value of art so that capital can be invested in other areas. What’s more, art-backed financing can eliminate the tax and transaction costs that would typically be associated with the sale of the work to a collector, dealer or gallery.

Art financing can help you both expand your portfolios and realise its value.